Applying to the Environmental Fellows Program:

APPLICATION for the 2017 Environmental Fellows Program is closed. 

For more information regarding the program and eligibility please visit the Program Overview and FAQ pages.

The Environmental Fellows Program application contains several elements-all of which contribute to your overall assessment. In order to be considered for EFP all forms must be completed and all required documents must be received no later that February 6 2017. For consistency please use legal names when submitting an application. 

1. Application Form 

Preview Application Form (Please follow the link to the preview the 2017 Application Form)

Complete Application Form (Please follow the link to complete the 2017 Application Form) 

Please note:  If possible complete the application form in one sitting. You can preview the form in the above link to understand what information you will need to provide. If you need to return to your application at a later time to complete it, your application will be automatically saved when you exit the form. In order to return to an application in progress you must be on the same computer and copy and paste the url used when first accessing the application. You will not be able to return to your application or edit information once your application has been submitted. 

If you have any questions or problems with the online application, please contact us at or by telephone at (734) 936-0900.

2. Application Materials, Short-Answer Questions, Essay Questions

These items need to be submitted as part of the application using the form below.

Application Materials:

Submit your resume or curriculum vitae, unofficial graduate school transcript and a writing sample (Writing sample may be an excerpt from a longer written piece and should be no more than 10 pages long.) 

Please note: It is the responsibility of the Applicant to redact social security numbers or other personally identifiable information  from all pages of all documents.

Short-Answer Questions:

Answer all of the questions. Clearly label each of your answers to correspond to the question. 

1. Does this fellowship relate to or support current or future masters research or project activities or doctoral research? If so please explain. (Word limit 500)

2. What kinds of skills and experiences do you hope to gain from this experience? (Word limit 300)

3. What skills or technical expertise do you bring to this internship? Including but not limited to: Geographic Information Systems/spatial analysis, blogs, publications, research methodology (such as survey development, focus group facilitation), statistics, website design, editing, program management, etc.). (Word limit 300)

Essay Questions:

Answer both of the essay questions. Clearly label each of your answers to correspond to the question 

a. Please describe your career aspirations. Please share your goals upon immediate graduation and what you dream you will be doing 10 years from now. Please include what sector (e.g. not for profit, industry, government, consulting, academic, philanthropy) and what types of environmental issues you are passionate about (e.g. environmental justice, natural resources, climate change, planning) and if you have a preferred geographic region for starting your career. How will this fellowship support your goals? (Word limit 750-1,000)

b. Based on your experience with either a student organization, a work space, a volunteer space, etc. what have you learned about diversity, equity, and inclusion in these group settings? How have you thought about and navigated those contexts? (Word limit 750-1,000)

3. Letters of Recommendation 

Share the following link with the two individuals (academic advisor, current or previous supervisor, undergraduate professors, etc.) you are asking to provide letters of recommendation for you. Please make sure your recommenders are aware of the application deadline of February 6 2017. 

Next Steps

After reviewing applications, a group of applicants will be asked to interview with the Environmental Fellows Program staff. Applicants will be conditionally accepted at this time. Final acceptance into the Program will be confirmed when the partner site has agreed to host the Fellow.